Thursday, May 22, 2014

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I had no idea what to do this blog about so I went to my life saver, Google. I searched good discussion topics and clicked on a long list. There's endless things to talk about but, what I really want to talk about is if single sex schools would effect a students behavior and learning ability. I found the page for the NASSPE (National Association for Single Sex Public Education) and a lot of articles about their research.

The first article I want to talk about is the one about the differences in learning. It's simple just stating that boys and girls learn differently. I completely agree with this but, you can't completely base every boys learning off of a few testing and experience and say that is how EVERY boy learns and that is how it should be taught to them. It says in the post that "Consequently, the most basic difference in teaching style for girls vs. boys is that you want to encourage the girls, build them up, while you give the boys a reality check: make them realize they aren't as brilliant as they think they are. Also it states that according to certain psychologists studies it's clear that girls care more about pleasing parents and teachers and most boys won't be engaged in a topic unless it interests them. Personally, I agree that girls want to please adults more than the boys do. But I don't think that boys don't care at all. They still want to achieve good grades as well. They just might not have the right mindset to do so. I also think some girls do not care at all (from personal experience in the classroom) and that could also be just be from lack of motivation from the teacher.

I internet searched "same sex education pros and cons" and found this link. It makes some good points in the short post that I think are some of the main reasons to decide about this issue. It states that having an only same sex classroom would lack diversity and that classrooms should be preparing you for the real world and just having the same sex in your classroom is not like the real world. A con of having coed classroom would be that some students feel intimidated by the opposite sex and also that the opposite could be distracting to their lessons and work. 

The two questions I have for the class...
1. Would single sex classroom effect your behavior?
2. While considering colleges or when you are getting to consider colleges; would you consider a single sex campus? Why or why not?

Friday, May 16, 2014

sat in a tire

I found this unit about satire extremely interesting. Before this I was not aware of what The Daily Show put out there or what the Steven Colbert show was. To me this is definitely a way of news and an efficient one. I like that there is humor in the way they tell the stories and a lot of sarcasm but at the same time you are still learning about things that are going on. I do not think that it is a better way to have news reported. People still need the real facts and if they have all sarcastic and (somewhat) twisted facts it would not end well. When people talk about the news with other people and are discussing things they wouldn't really be able to have a genuine conversation about it because the facts would be real, but wrong.

For traditional media outlets to get more viewers and more people interested in what they are reporting they need to add a little variety to the way that they are reporting things. I feel like more people would sit down and watch this, especially if there was a little humor. They can't use satire at all though because a lot of people really wouldn't pick up on that and I don't think that older generations would really like it because they've been listening to their news this way their old life and have never really been introduced to news being reported in a satire way until now. I don't think that they can change their ways too much. Yes, that would increase viewers but, then there would be the regular viewers who would decide that they don't like the way they're reporting now and then switch to a different news source.

The fact that only 10% of teens have an interest in news surprises me. Teenagers are always informed of what is going on because of their social networking. Although they might not be sitting down and watching the 5 o'clock news (because yes, it is boring), they still are informed but just have a different way of getting it.  The only reason I think that they are saying that it is reported poorly is because it's not what they are used to and it's mostly facts and no humor. More teenagers would enjoy news sources like The Daily Show. On the other hand it does not surprise me at all that 66% of teenagers only get their news from the front page of whatever their search engine is on their computer. Most teenagers get on the computer to look up answers to their homework or check Facebook (well the losers check Facebook) not to go to their favorite news reporting website and read all the breaking news stories.

Monday, May 5, 2014

medeuhh ohnershep

The role of traditional newspaper has changed drastically just in the past 10 years. Before you went to the internet to get all your information for news you really only had TV, radio and the newspaper. On TV they aren't constantly broadcasting breaking news, they have specified times where people come on and report. It may have been inconvenient for people. Then there's the people who just solely relied on getting their news every Sunday when the Star Tribune was delivered to their doorstep. Now, you can just log onto the internet and all the most recent is just thrown in your face. I rely mainly on twitter for my news. If  I want to find out something I just log on and type it in and see what people are tweeting about it. The role of the traditional newspaper now I think is for people who don't really always have access to check news sources online.

I don't really see any danger in people being able to choose their sources and being exposed to only things that interest them besides the fact that if someone is only reading about stuff that interests them how are they supposed to learn about other things that are going on around them, to me it's a little selfish or ignorant. If you really want to just read about things that interest you, fine. But I think you should take some time to learn about something else. 

When I get into college I do not see myself subscribing to a newspaper, it seems like a waste of money for me if I can just connect to some free WiFi and get my information from like I do see myself subscribing to a magazine like People or frequently buy it at a gas station. 

The day that we were supposed to look up on the internet something about media ownership before we had a big group discussion I found this website. It has a lot of interesting little facts about things that have happened with media ownership and how it works. The thing I found the most interesting on the web page is that Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal owns 5.5% of Fox news so that he could use his influence to change what Fox News was calling "Muslim riots" to youth riots.
It surprises me that Walt Disney Company is number 2 on top twenty media corporations. I never really would have guessed that a lot of things are owned by this company for example they own, ABC Tv Network, Hyperion books, Discover (magazine), three recording labels and 12 major local newspapers. I really don't understand why they have to own so many things but, it does make sense to an extent, they have the money so they're going to use it to buy these things and create them. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

this blog post is not about cocaine!!!

The 10 days of news source project really changed on how I believe the importance of news is. On day 3 or so, when all of the news sources reported on how a South Korean ferry had sunk, if I had not been in this class or looking at the NY Times front cover I would have never known that it had happened. I didn't find out about the man who went into the school in Pittsburgh and stabbed 20 kids until around a week after it happened. News really isn't a big thing in my life and isn't really that important to me to stay full informed 24/7. I do feel that everyone should be somewhat informed on what is going on in the world. The point of news is for the people to be informed and learning about happenings and if people aren't looking at it and reading it, it doesn't even matter.

The NY Times web page is much set up like an actual newspaper. You have the main story right in the middle with a bigger picture, so your eyes are kind of drawn to that. Then it has ton of mini stories that you can click on, most have small pictures next to the story. The website has not changed at all over the years, if there was anything it was really minor changes. They're trying to give you a lot of information and there is a bunch of things just on one page.

The amount of places that you can get your news from is endless. I think it's good that we don't just narrow it down to 5 because, you need different sides of the stories, different view points, and different facts. Then it can be left up to the reader to decide what they believe about something. The less sources of news that we have, the less information we would be able to get. I love the idea of having endless sources to get your news from.

News just gives you general knowledge that the average person should know. No matter what country you live in you should definitely know what is going on. I feel bad for anyone who isn't able to have access to a news source. You need to keep up to date on news because if there's a follow up story to something that happened you should know what that information is so that you can have it all. You're definitely better off being up to date on your news so that you can always have something to take about and it's just really good to have some sort of knowledge on what is happening.

A lot of news that is out there is entertainment. I think most news about celebrities is entertainment because it's not really that important to you or benefiting you at all.  Personally, I really don't think I would follow a twitter account that is reporting news and I would follow a twitter account that is tweeting about celebrities. (even though it's not really beneficial or intelligent.) If you were to look at a news source's twitter account and a celebrity twitter account there definitely is a drastic change in the way things are being reported and tweeted.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Having never previously used Indesign I was a little lost at first on what to do. The copying of the magazine layout really helped get a feel for everything and that's kind of what I based my 40 minute challenge off of.

This is my before design, I followed all of the requirements and went with a really simple design. I made the pictures the most dominate piece on it. I liked the idea of having smaller print and two columns because most of your attention is drawn to the pictures. I didn't know how to make the first letter of the column larger so that looks kind of off on the starting of the story. The effect that I added to the bottom picture didn't really collaborate with the rest of the pictures so that looks a little odd as well. I used the lines under the title and the subhead to separate it from one another. It's somewhat supposed to be places for your eyes to stop.

My after design I think has more balance between the pictures and the story. In my before design the actual story part had two columns and was really close together, close enough to give you a headache from reading it. I changed the story to only one column and I spaced the lines apart way more to make it look more appealing to want to read. I also changed the way the "M" looks, made it way bigger and used the actual tool that was meant to do that. I changed the lines on the title and the subhead too. I got rid of the line between the title and the subhead and made the title in a colored space. I feel like that added more color to the page and got rid of a lot of white space that was on the page. On the title I changed the font so it differs from the rest of the story. In the before design everything was really plain and the same and I like the idea of changing it up a bit, but not too much.

During all of the time that we've been talking about design I've realized there's a lot more thought process that has to go into the design to make it work and look presentable. There's a lot of little things that go into creating something to make it just right. You have to make the design you're creating appeal to people. With the layout challenge you had to make it so that people wouldn't just want to skip over that page. From personal experience I can definitely say that design has influenced my choices. The design of the cellphone is a big example of design. If someone doesn't like the way the Android looks they make switch to an iPhone or a Galaxy. The options for the design of a cellphone are endless. Another example of influencing design is what you're wearing right now. You picked out that outfit and you liked the way it fit well together. Some people even make the design of their outfit to please other people.

This unit with design and Indesign was really great. I liked getting a chance to work Indesign and I think that working with that now will definitely benefit me the rest of my high school career now that I know how to use it.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Zach's Story

On September 12, 2012 Zach Netten received the news that he had Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. As baseball being his favorite sport he had spent the past summer playing with his team as a pitcher. The whole summer he had a cough that wore him down quite a bit. He went to the minute clinic where they did some tests and was told he had a sinus infection, he got some medication but it didn't really seem to help at all so, Zach went to ear, nose and throat consultation on September 7th (his 3rd day as a freshman at East Ridge High School) where they did many tests and took a chest x-ray. The doctors told him they would get back to him soon and he then went back to school. During his math class that same day he was pulled out by his dad who informed him that the doctors had found something on the chest x-ray.
"They thought it could be a aortic aneurysm and if it was I would have had to go into open heart surgery immediately." said Zach.
Zach and his parents then went to University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital. The next two days he spent having CT scans, blood tests and had a lymph node removed. He also had a port put into his chest which helps his body receive the medicine more efficiently and quickly.
When they received the diagnosis Zach was told the cancer had spread to his chest, spleen and a few spots in his lungs. The scans showed that he had massive cancerous lymph nodes taking up 37% of his chest and pressing against his wind pipes. Zach had his first round of chemotherapy a few days after that. The cancer was aggressive so they had to be aggressive back. For the next 4 months Zach was to have weekly chemo treatments that would last 2-3 days.
"I was in shock. You never really understand the whole cancer thing until it happens to you." said Zach.
When Zach's hair started falling out he wasn't too sure how he felt about it so he just ended up just getting his whole head shaved.
"I quickly realized that we spend way too much caring about what we look like when we should be worrying about other things."
Zach's friends and family visited a lot but no one quite knew what to say about what was happening. He missed the normalcy of his life.
"You would think it would be fun to miss all that school and have endless access to Netflix but, I missed school and the homework. I even got upset when it was final time and I wasn't there to take mine."
On October 21 Zach's family and friends put together a fundraiser to help raise funds for the medical expenses. The fundraiser was a whiffle ball tournament and as Zach being a lover of baseball it was a lot of fun.Teams from all around came to participate and they ended up raising a lot of money.
"It was great to be playing baseball again, even if it was whiffle ball." said Zach.
Zach was cleared to go back to school before Christmas and he was really happy to be back. He was switched to a less intensive chemo, which caused an allergic reaction, nothing too bad came out of it and he got through it. His last chemo treatment was January 31, 2013.
"I was determined to finish my freshman year." Zach's teachers came around and helped him get caught up on all of his assignments so that he could finish out the year and be able to move on to 10th grade.
Over Spring Break while everyone else was on vacation Zach was spending his break in the hospital going through radiation. His last radiation treatment was March 20, 2013.
On May 1st Zach had his first post treatment scan that showed he was clear of cancer.
"My freshman year had it's ups and downs. I learned to be more understanding realize that ultimately if you have a positive attitude you will have a positive outcome. It really doesn't do any good to complain about things, have a positive attitude and just accept the support you have around. Just keep smiling."
Zach's willingness to keep going and stay positive has inspired many people. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the previous homecoming dance and he gave off such a positive vibe.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Everyday, everyone makes choices. The choice to get out bed, the choice on what to wear, the choice on what to eat but, in journalism choice is different. The journalist makes the choices on what they write about and the reader makes the choice on what they want to read that day. A journalists choices that he or she makes are much different from what the choices you would make a on regular basis would be. As a journalist you're deciding what people are reading about, what the news is, what people are talking about, what's popular now and etc. What the journalist is writing about is giving a person the chance to agree with what you have written or disagree and come with reasons to not agree with it.

Going off of what the journalist chooses to write about effects what is popular at the moment, if journalists are going to be choosing to be writing about gay marriage then that is what everyone is going to be talking because that is what they're going to see when they go online or open up the newspaper. At one point that's all you seemed to see was stuff about gay marriage. I think the choice of what you're writing about is the most important you make as a journalist because it effects so many things.

I think it's great that we have so many more different choices of media to get information from. It obviously was less of a pain to choose something when there were fewer choices because you didn't have that much to begin with but now that there are so many other things and new stuff it's so helpful like when you type in a question to Google you get endless things to choose from that will answer your question and that's amazing.
This is a blog post that someone made about how having too many video games can be somewhat of a hassle and an annoyance. I personally think that being about to have all those video games is a good thing which kind of relates to journalism with having too many stories or something along those lines. It can be a hassle to have to go through stories to find one good point or get the valid information you need but, it's also a great thing because you have many different sources that you get to choose from to get to know what you are looking for and that's a great privilege to have.
I just thought that this blog post made an awesome point about some of the problems made with choice and the benefits. The post also references to The Paradox of Choice and explains it a little farther and kind of helps you get another understanding of it.